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Composer. Producer.

Libre Baskerville er en klassisk skrifttype med et moderne tvist. Den er nemt at læse på skærme af enhver form og størrelse.

About Me

I'm a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

Creating music is my life passion and I love writing and producing my own songs, making covers and composing film music.

If you would like to listen to my original songs or learn more about me as a composer click below.


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and Producer

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Christina Gammeltoft creates enchanting melodies and arrangements with angelic harmonies accompanied by uplifting fingerpicking on ukulele and guitar, with lyrics centered around themes of love, hope, fear, loss, meaning, anxiety, relief and life and death. With a with a special affinity for the music of the 60's and 70's Christinas songs range from folksy and gentle, acoustic melodies, to big, eclectic and atmospheric arrangements, often centered around her characteristic acoustic guitar playing.

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Read below about my latest projects

Leaf Pattern Design

APRIL 2022



I've just finished this amazing project with with the Danish production company Beam Audio Agency. I've composed and produced the music for the series by Gyldendal Stereo called "Vejen Tilbage". I've also mixed and mastered the episodes.

Vejen Tilbage is about different people who have experienced betrayal in their lives and despite that have found their way back to life.

These people are amazing and their stories are so moving, so I would definetely recomm

end giving it a listen.

It'a available on all book streaming platforms.

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Productions for

Tv, commercials, podcasts, intros, background music ect.

Below you can listen to a selection of the music I've made for tv, commercials, podcasts, radio and so on. Click to hear more.

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Professionel Lyd Mixer

Composer and PRoducer

Besides being a musician and an artist I'm also a composer for film and media and a producer. I'm also an expert in sonic branding and I would love to help you with your next musical project! Click below to see more.

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Christina Gammeltoft

tlf.: 71581835

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