Happy Holidays!

Updated: Mar 15

Here is a little Christmas cover I've made this year of one of my favorite Christmas songs 'Let it Snow'! But first I'd like to wish you happy holidays and share a few pictures from a beautiful month of December in Denmark.

I feel so lucky that it's actually been snowing in Denmark around Christmas time this year! Earlier in December my husband had half a day off work and we got to talk a walk in the most beautiful Winter Wonderland! It was the best day.

I had a lot of fun making 'Let it Snow'. It's a very fun genre to work with and I really liked the whole process of arranging and putting together instruments and voices. It's very fun to mix all these swing music instruments with orchestral instruments.

I've really come to enjoy making these cover songs and I think it's so educational as a producer as well as composer, songwriter, singer etc.

I hope you'll like my take on 'Let it Snow' and I hope you're having some wonderful days!

If you'd like to you can listen to the whole song on SoundCloud here:

Or watch the whole video on YouTube here:

Hugs from me!

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